Monday, November 12, 2007

First Day of Class


I had my first class today. The kids were fantastic. Well, most of them are the children of geniuses so the IQ level in the room was soaring. It was amazing to see how they just glide in and float into a seat. Meanwhile, I'm bouncing and jerking around. I'm at about 1/3 G now with my weight jacket. At least the students were polite enough not to make fun of it in my presence. Although, they did snicker a bit when I spun around to write something on the touch screen and floated half way to the ceiling. One young man gallantly held out his hand to help steady me as I floated back to the ground. I recognized him as the young customs agent I told you about when we talked. His name is Jonathan Lafarge, but he told me today he's changing his last name to Endymion.

Many of the younger generation are adopting either first or last names of lunar origin. Endymion is a large crater on the moon in the upper right hand corner of the full moon as it might be seen from earth. Others are a bit more whimsical. In my class I have Two "Moonbeams" and a Daniel Bluemoon. Within two generations, I doubt any Earth names will persist.

Something interesting is emerging here. We have people for all ethnic backgrounds moving to the moon. They come from all nations and each have their own customs and languages (although English is the unofficial official language because the first research and commercial bases were set up by the Americans) but those born here on the moon identify more with the Moon than those terrestrial origins. I guess it is something like what happened after the settling of the U.S. and the Great Immigrations of the 19th and early 20th centuries where the children of the immigrants shed their cultural heritage to be seen as "just plain Americans" only to reclaim that in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

But it seems to be something more profound than that. It's like they are saying that they aren't just cutting ties with a cultural heritage, but with earth itself. They are the true ET's. Maybe it's because unlike the descendant of a Mexican American or Italian American immigrant, these kids can never walk the streets of earth without a full body suit supporting bones adapted to gravity 1/6 that of earth. It would be like stepping out of a plane in New New Orleans and suddenly weighing 800 pounds.

There seems to be a strong Lunar Independence Movement emerging here. You know, when you see news reports about Space Colony Independence it's treated as being just a handful of fringe group activists/trouble makers. But the ones I've met have been very articulate and intelligent. They make some good points. I never really considered the question before. Somehow, it seemed unimportant when I was tending my window box on Church Street with hundred year old street cars rattling by. But here, now, I guess I'll have to give it some serious consideration.

So, you say that Leanne Gundersen has been appointed department chair. Well, she wanted it for years. Personally, even with my arthritis I would run in the opposite direction if they offered it to me. Hmmm... I just noticed. I haven't had so much pain the last few weeks. Low-G must agree with my knee. Now,if I can just keep from spinning off into space periodically.

Well, I've got another class starting in 15 minutes. Earth History: North America 1500-1800. I think that when we get to the Revolutionary War period, there will be some lively discussion.

Take Care and please do consider coming here this summer. I have an extra room and maybe by then I'll be able to loan you my weight suit.


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