Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Finally Here!


Just a quick note to let you know I have arrived safe and sound at Armstrong City. It's quite a contrast to the Oneil colony. For one thing, the city is 50 feet under ground. They say it's to protect the city against meteorite bombardment. Although you wouldn't believe you were underground at all. The weight of the rock is upheld by a two mile high dome. On the dome is projected a holo-image of a natural blue sky. Real clouds float in this artificial sky as part of the lunar climate control.

Everything here is laid out like a small town. There's even a town square with an old-fashioned band shell. I haven't seen the college yet. I understand that there are only a few buildings so far, but from what I could see from the observation deck when I disembarked from the shuttle, there is still plenty of open land. It's hard to believe that 17,000 people live here, but looks are deceptive. The dome is five miles in diameter. That's more than 18 square miles of area.

Armstrong city is the largest of the lunar communities. It has almost as many people as Collins and Aldrin combined. Still I feel like I'm back in Arcata where I grew up. It's like Mayberry has been transported to a crater on the moon. Oh, I know you are a Chemist and don't know about 20th century popular culture, but there was this vid show about a small town and a sheriff. The boy who played his son made many of the best movies of that era. No matter. It's just the type of community I feel most comfortable in.

Oh, I have to go. My dean just arrived. He is going to take me to one of the cottages reserved for the university faculty. I hope I have room for a garden.

Some day you will have to visit me.


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